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West Perth, 2 Ivy Street: auction

WALKING down Ivy St, you might not give number 2 a second look. But step through the front door and your breath will be taken away at the space within. more »

Dalkeith, 96A Victoria Street: offers

FRESHWATER Bay was named after the gurgling spring that lies directly in front of this charming property. more »

Home holds dear memories

Trish Fynmore, 76-years-old, grew up in this house in Mosman Park and still lives there today. The family moved there in 1945 and it is now reluctantly on the market

PATRICIA FYNMORE knows this house well. Her family moved in when she was just seven years old, and she has lived there for most of her life, except for a stint in the UK and a few years living in Cottesloe. more »

Two levels big on luxury for large family

Recently renovated, this home is ideally located near great schools, hospitals and a university. By Jane Evans

WHEN the owners of this fantastic, split-level, Winthrop house designed their home, they designed it with everyday family living in mind. more »

WEST PERTH 1/14 Bellevue Terrace

THE ever-changing landscape of Perth city, Kings Park and the beautiful Swan River forms the breathtaking backdrop for this stunning West Perth apartment. more »

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Reporter Emily Baker with this week's Dogs' Refuge update.
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