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Sweet Niblets! There were tears at Parental Parody Palace today. Shed by me, and then a few by Miss5 since she thought she should join in, bless her.

Today, I watched the last ever Hannah Montana episode. So, as a result, I write this with a heavy heart.

I will own it - I am a mega Hannah Montana fan. It's not the music that gets me in. It's the one-liners, the easy laughs, the new and improved Billy Ray Cyrus. Seriously, the man has better hair than I do. Complete with awesome highlights and layering.

Thanks to the Disney Channel and Porter Novelli, I received a copy of Hannah Montana Forever on DVD. The final season - the big finale - the big goodbye, adieu, adios, sayonara, peace out.

They were even kind enough to offer me a box set of the complete final season Hannah Montana Forever, on DVD and Blu Ray, to give away.

So if you have a child, a tween, a pre-teen, or whatever they're calling the 5-15 age group these days (or, you know, an adult who is an *ahem* closet Hannah Montana / new-age Billy Ray fan), then please click this link to my blog, to read the full review and enter the giveaway:


Please note - the only way to enter the giveaway is via this link to my site.

Entries close midnight (WST) Friday 10th June.

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