Bullsbrook mural


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Bullsbrook mural

In June 2009, I was leaving a job out in Bullsbrook (45min out of Perth) when I noticed someone painting a mural on the side of a shipping container in a car park.

As I was walking to my car, I was thinking whether or not I approach the artist to see if I could take her photo and possibly run it in The Advocate newspaper, which is the paper for the Bullsbrook area and surrounds.

I approach the artist whose name was Rebecca Moran, and she tells me that she was finishing off the works of another artist David Rose, who had tragically died in a car accident. She was also a former Bullsbrook local, who was only in town until the next morning before moving back to England. With that said, I thought this would make a fantastic story and be a good photo opportunity.

The artworks Rebecca was finishing were based on various parts of the Australian outback. One of the works I really liked was the one Rebecca was working on at the time of noticing her, which featured a lovely outback sunset with a silhouette tree, water tank and windmill.

The car park where Rebecca was painting was a warm clay colour, which complemented the big mural. It was also a cloudy, overcast day at the time and I felt this would create a nice contrast between the mural and the sky.

Back in 2009, I wasn’t using any fancy lighting setups that I use today. For this photo, a full sized Manfrotto tripod was used to hold a single flash to side of Rebecca. Another flash was used on top of my camera, only as a trigger to set off the other flash.

Processing the image back at work, the sky was desaturated and burnt in a bit to add extra mood to the image.

The following week, the photo and story ran on the front page of The Advocate newspaper.

This job highlights how possible stories and photo opportunities can appear anywhere and anytime. I could have quite easily got in my car and drove back to the office, however taking a minute to find out the story behind what someone was doing resulted in a front page feature story.

Technical Information:
Canon 1D Mk3
1/250th @ f/9 – ISO 100
Manfrotto tripod
2 x Canon Speedlites (1 master, 1 slave)

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14/04/2011 at 16:08

This reminds me of a series of photographs of garage doors featuring murals created bya talented artist. They looked so real, almost three dimensional, one showed a jet fighter "inside the closed garage door" another a rain forrest I think there was a Ferrari and so on. They were brialliant.


06/05/2011 at 12:45

A moving story.
A great image.

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